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Audiomack is a Free, limitless music sharing. It provides you different genres to select: Hip-Hop, Electronic, Reggae, Podcasts etc.  Search for artists, songs, albums realizes fast.  It’s possible to download mostly the majority of songs but NOT every song.

  • The interface is user-friendly with numerous tools.

  • You can upload MUSIC with your account but here’s the important rule: You must not upload commercial music for stream unless you are the copyright holder or have received approval from the copyright holder to do so. And speaking about the unauthorized music, so it will be properly deleted and any violating accounts will be banned.


  • You need to register for adding SONGS to your Playlists.
  • FREE Fast download and you’re not obliged to register for such feature.
  • Virus-tested and spyware free.
  • No Pop-up ads.

All songs are kept up with actuality and enjoyable popularity. Upload and Download MUSIC for FREE from!

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