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It is rare that you find music tracks for free nowadays. With the huge business of music and artists everyone has to put a price on their songs. Whether they are mix tapes or their own covers. Everything has to come with a price. But not anymore! If you don’t know this awesome website, MP3Juices you are missing out. This portal provides completely free music tracks for everyone all around the world. There are even more perks you still have to find out. You to search up for songs from certain sources like SoundCloud or YouTube.

  • You can also cut your songs or even remove awkward silences in them for FREE.

  • If you choose the second option you have another set of options.


After you have filled in your proper time ranges the file will upload and complete. Then you will be able to download it after on your PC/smartphone.

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Macgill chimpinde // 07-04-2018 01:40:38

excellent works.

Xukaa // 29-03-2018 19:25:35

Thank you! I use

Santo Patti // 12-05-2017 02:19:50

Great site. Rare music source.

Fanie // 12-04-2017 11:50:52


Bijush // 06-04-2017 11:30:43

fantastic music masti

Candy Aningat // 25-02-2017 13:20:38


Candy Aningat // 25-02-2017 13:20:36


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