FREE Activities for Mastering Languages

at! provides FREE and fee-paying educational courses for refreshing and polishing up basic skills, learning and mastering unknown vocabulary and grammar. You'll find very useful resources, so you will combine your learning & resting!

  • Available 14 languages.
  • Good both for beginners, intermediate, advanced levels. 
  • Wide range of educational topics. 
  • Practice intensive listening, writing, speaking, reading at define level of learning. 
  • Take an aim of skills you are expecting to receive. 
  • Select the educational course and activate it. 
  • The first lesson you test - free.  
  • Need to subscribe, it can last 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and one year. So, that’s on you which course and period you need. 
  • Lesson duration can ben10-15 minutes.

       The Babbel’s team represents experts enlarged the most successful academic learning practices and cherry-picked experience-based facilities for mastering a new language.

After selecting the language, for your attention are represented diffirents edcucational tasks, foolow them!

Discover more abilities, Learn languages in easy way for FREE with! 

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