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The service Digital Dialects offers different FREE educational games for learning 80 languages including little-known languages like Afrikaan, Filipino, Tatar, Tongan, Malay, Oromo and so on. The games are consisted of new vocabulary, daily phrases, verb conjugation, spelling rules etc. Every selected topic includes audio, so you not only read the unknown vocabulary but repeat and by this process memorise and improve such skills as reading, writing.

  • Clear and easy to use.
  • The content contains such levels as beginner, intermediate, advanced.
  • Diversity of educational topics: Phrases and greetings, Units of time, Clothing, Food, Numbers etc.
  • No pop up ads/no viruses.
  • No need registration.
  • Simple Grammar explanations.
  • Quick and free access.
  • Educational activities are not diversified but the website is new and still continue its developing.

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