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Have you ever heard about It’s a well-known service for refreshing and mastering aimed to know languages. The conception of the website is to offer experienced tutors of various languages. You have a chance to talk to native speakers, to be a student, to advance according to lesson plans, syllabus. The payment represents the total cost of a 45 minute lesson and it varies from 10 to 50$. Also you can receive discounts which depend on number of lessons and to try out a free trial lesson. So, due to trial lessons you can compare the tutors and their teaching techniques and choose the best for you teacher.
•    You need to register for getting a learning plan.
•    The price of the lesson can vary.
•    Wide range of tutors.
•    Diversity of languages.
•    Schedule lessons you need.
•    You can to explore the popularity of selected tutor, how many lessons he or she realized.

A wide range of tutors are represented for your attention.

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