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Memrise is a nice FREE website providing educational activities for learning languages. The service supplies the education according to such main principles: Science – it means different kinds of test strengthen memories in different ways; various tasks test you continuously, your work also enforces. Fun – The service’s aim to make learning your favorite playtime activity. Community – Leaning should be diversified, every member of community provides different tips, tools and becomes a teacher too.

  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • All categories are arranged in themes.
  • No need payment.
  • Before you start your mastering languages, you need to register, it will control your result and will remember to have practice every day and not forget.
  • A great number of educational tools, videos, flashcards, tests, dialogues.
  • A wide range of languages for learning: English, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Korean and so on.

  • Various subjects such as: Biology, Math and Science, Arts and Literature, Natural World, History and Geography, Memory training etc.

Select the FREE educational course for learning a new languahe and achive success at!

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