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This website has a huge resemblance to SoundCloud with its buttons and similar music players. But a very great feature this website procures and SoundCloud doesn’t is the free music. It is rarely you find music for free downloading on SoundCloud. Either you buy it or not find the option at all. This is very different when it comes to Hearthis.

Hearthis.at is a totally unique idea created by people who love to give the world FREE MUSIC.

  • You can see from the picture below all the features you can try out when you start using Hearthis:


  • You can use the site and get around it very easily without a hassle or issue and if you have a lovely suggestion for the site’s owners to put consideration send them your ideas.
  • The website is completely FREE, virus-tested and friendly.
  • Great diversity of genres.

  • For uploading the song, you need to be logged in.

Download, upload & listen to MUSIC which you like for FREE at Hearthis.at!

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