"MusicPleer" - a nice FREE source for listening & downloading music!

You will never see a simpler site than MusicPleer. This website is all about providing you with FREE MUSIC and it is doing really good at its job. This website is very simple and straightforward which allows you and every other visitor to quickly download their song without any trouble or pop-up ads.

  • Here is a glimpse of the homepage and how extremely simple the website is

  • You have a list of all the recent searches done on the website and you can take that as an example of how popular and trustworthy the website is. 
  • Downloading a song is very simple action. You only have to select the song of your choice and this page will appear:

  • All represented MUSIC CONTENT - 100% spyware and virus tested.
  • You have a very quick access for downloading withour registration and payment. 

Listen & Enjoy your favorite songs for FREE at!

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ANONYMOUS // 10-08-2017 01:27:50

Its ok but at school u cant download cause its blocked....

ANONYMOUS // 10-08-2017 01:27:47

Its ok but at school u cant download cause its blocked....

ElaineMotto // 07-05-2017 12:47:46

This Is The best

poptolet1002 // 27-04-2017 18:57:32

lol yeeeeeeeeey cool poop

Dumitru cazacu // 09-04-2017 10:54:06

Mi pace qesto posto

Mr Dr prof avacado // 09-03-2017 14:03:38

They updated the site, it doesn't look as nice or show as many songs anymore

gires // 09-03-2017 11:31:17

cool attitude

Daria D Sherpa // 09-03-2017 08:47:40

among All the music's downloader app 'muscpleer'the best app ever cos its easy to download but the thing is sometimes it don't get download instead it get played otherwise all good... perfect! !!

James Taylor // 28-02-2017 15:29:48

I can't download anything one this site every time I hit the download button it goes to a smaller play music button

Jessica Hamilton // 28-01-2017 12:14:32

Im getti gtl finx out how the app wofls h

Ally Nick // 22-11-2016 15:15:03

I agree with yea guys it is free nd downloads music faster i acctually love one direction i am a biggest fan.I searched nd finally i found musicpleer and it downloaded it faster and it was free i was a delighted.;) love it

Mairead // 16-11-2016 02:04:31

Brilliant searched for ages to find something like this. Simple to use 10 stars

Mukta Malakar // 29-10-2016 08:08:08

This app is best among all others, no ads and very easy to use

Tammy Withers // 24-10-2016 09:41:24

Why I can't get all the songs I want?

Daniel Risasi // 22-10-2016 18:22:36

I like this app because it is free and it downloads the music faster

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