Read online & Download ebooks for FREE at! is a good resource of downloading and reading books for FREE. It's the American publishing house for science fiction and fantasy, speaking about science fiction, so it emphasizes space opera, hard science fiction and military science fiction. 

Here you can use different categories such as:

  • My Books
  • Not my Books
  • Second Editions
  • Book Bundles
  • Audio Books
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy 
  • Young Adult
  • Nonfiction
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Gift Cards
  • Free Library and etc.

One of the most interesting thing is the category "Monthly Baen Bundles". You can you can read upcoming releases prior to their publication. Also you have an opportunity to view a publishing schedule to see which books will be featured in upcoming Baen bundles. Here you can see how this program works:

A great variety of Publishers you can meet here at Baen Ebooks and choose which one you like more.

Enjoy reading books online & Download them for FREE at !
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