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Loyalbooks.com offers FREE audio and e-books in the public domain. Most of e-books are digitized by Gutenberg.org, as for audio books, these are recorded by Librivox.org. Also the website provides best sellers for people who follow the newest masterpieces or just looking for something overwhelming.

  • The interface is well-diversified, intuitive and user-friendly.

  • Diversity of genres: Historical Fiction, Philosophy, Poetry, Adventure, Fantasy, Literature, Short Stories, Romance, Fairy Tales and so on. 
  • Limited number of advertisement, but it’s not annoying. 
  • You can search book by type: audio books or e-books. After selecting the book you like, you have a chance to choose audiobook downloads or e-book downloads and its variety of formats.  Click on it and enjoy your reading or listening.

  • Fast and available download. 
  • Different formats of download: doc, mp3, m4b, RSS Feed etc.

Download & Read different audio & e-books for Free from Loyalbooks.com!

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