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Enjoy the best FREE Indian recipes from Each recipe in this site is the result of a lot of hardwork and research. The owner of the blog - Vaishali Parekh considers that if you think you cannot cook, then you are absolutely wrong. If you have never cooked then she would request you to give it a try following her simple guideline. The blogger gives useful information. There are lot of tips and treats, facts about Indian spices, cooking terms and of course great variety of Indian Recipes on this website. 

Browse the item Cooking Terms, maybe some of terms can be new for you.

Another must-see is the item English-Indian Terms. Such information is very useful, because if you want to become closer to Indian cuisine, you should understand meaning of the process of cooking.

You have chance to download for free some cookbooks from

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 Indian spices & recipes are becoming worldwide. Don't miss the possibility to know more about Indian cuisine & useful tips from! 

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