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      Speaking about the main features of this website, you can notice that every week new videos and tutorials are uploaded for a variety of languages, based on situations acted every minute.

•     The content is diversified

•     You may select the language, then the lesson which is appropriate to your level and choose the educational video with tasks.

•     If you need, you can also choose subtitles in your native or in new for you language. It helps you to follow the video conversations, for example, when it gets a little complex, so your attention absolutely goes towards the subtitles. More useful will the process using subtitles in foreign language, you listen to the speech and at the same time read and memorize.

•     The service provides educational courses for the most popular languages, such as: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese and a further 45 languages to learning free.

•     Language learning from Northern Europe, Western Europe, Southern Europe and Eastern Europe are also easy of access for you.

•     Learn exotic (uncommon) languages, such as Asian and African languages

•     Receive useful help in language acquisition from over 200 countries language exchange partners.

Improve yourself, Explore new cultures & Learn for Free as much foreign languages as possible at!

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