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Ling.q is a community of passionate, enthusiastic language learners and native speaker tutors. Here you will find a great content of educational tools. LingQ is a fun, simple way to learn languages from authentic, interesting content. Select the language you want to master & enjoy the process.

  • Free, approachable & trustworthy website.
  • Optimized for different browsers/data speed/users. Available on all platforms.
  • Diversified Educational Lessons for every level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).

  • Quick & Free registration for an access of the Lingq content.
  • Powerful vocabulary tools.
  • You can join any live conversation with Global Online Community and get help form tutors and friends.
  • Find a tutor and ask for writing correction/audio recording/pronunciation/audio transcription etc.

  • If you are a native speaker and you want to be a tutor, just create a profile image, write description and respond to exchange requests.
  • All educational activities are 100% safe. Be sure.
  • There are no interruptions/pop-up ads.
  • Go Premium but this feature is fee-paying. A great number of lessons are free, check them and decide you need more, do you?

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