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The service offers you FREE lessons which engage all of your child’s senses – making it easier to understand concepts. The different resource types give parents and teachers the flexibility to teach in ways that work best for them – offline, online, in the classroom, or outside. One interesting fact is as your child learns with special guided lessons, you habe an opportunity to track their progress – and receive valuable information on your child’s performance with recommendations for additional resources to help them along. Very useful service to teach and observe the results. A great variety of educational lessons contain certain information to be kept in mind.

  • Exact access
  • Non-commercial
  • Ad-free
  • Variety of Learning Resources for teachers/parents

  • Сategory "Teaching tools" help to find the Lesson plans which you need

NB. At this category you can read which activities are chosen by another teachers, download  presentations etc.

​So, help your children to learn new materials, Download interesting educationa activities for FREE at!

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