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The Mixxer is a FREE educational site for language learners hosted by Dickinson College. The Mixxer is designed to connect language learners around the world so that everyone is both student and teacher.

  • You have a great opportunity to practice your writing and receive corrections and feedback from selected language partner.
  • If you a professional teacher, you can connect your students with native speakers via written posts or Skype during or after class hours.
  • You can create small articles or essays and then after being posted them you can see people’s comments about mistakes or some tips.
  • The access to profile search is user-friendly.
  • You need to log in, the process is very quickly and then search the language partner you need.
  • No viruses/pop up ads.
  • Diversity of languages, even such languages which are less used.
  • Languages interface can be varied.
  • No need any payment/ the website is completely free​.

Learn languages by languages exchanges via Skype with native speakers for FREE at!

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