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If you aren’t aware of the fact that you can stream and download music online for free then you have to start now. There are hundreds of websites that can give you this opportunity and

N-MP3 is the best one you can use:

You have a wide variety of languages to choose from on the website. English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Catala and Asturian.  

You also get a live search that keeps updating on the homepage.

A mobile version of the site gives you an easier and more practical view. There is an option to see all the new music that has been uploaded on the website. If you would like to listen to some new songs go for the “Top/Ranking”.

This feature is a very special one and not many websites have it. You can easily create a playlist of your own without signing up on this website. Simply search up the artist you like and click on the button that is underlined in the picture.

After you click on this button a small pop-up box appears with the name of the song. Afterwards you can add as much songs as you want to your playlist.

Listen and download songs for FREE on N-MP3!

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Alfred // 13-01-2017 06:42:06

New to me just trying it out!!!!!

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