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Jango.com is a powerful and easy to use service for listening gener stations for FREE. The guest page consists of two areas: Artist Radio and Genre Stations. The Section Artist radio gives you possibilities to create your own station by either entering the name of an artist you want to hear or by selecting any artist from the Popular Choices. As for Genre Stations, this section contains approachable ready-made stations. These stations are divided by genre or theme.

  • Friendly interface.
  • Diversity of Genre Stations for any mood: Sleep, Pop, Country, Love Songs, Funk, Travel, Independent, Decades from 60’s till 2010’s, Hip-hop, Party, Chill, Reggae, Funk, Kids and so on.
  • Available not only from computer, but also for iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • Change the language of the gust page: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

  • Select the Genre Station you like, listen to favorite songs and follow their lyrics.

  • Log in if you want to have access to unlimited free music, but it’s not compulsive, the usage of the website is free.
  • You can broadcast your music on Jango.com, click on the RadioAirplay.com link.

Jango.com is an upscale service for listenining Radio stations which you can create yourself for FREE!

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