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Taste of Home is a friendly & FREE exchange of authentic family-favorite recipes handed down over generations and shared among loved ones. Offered recipes are practical because they are from home cooks and not gourmet chefs, people who are big fans of cooking send their best recipes with ingredients, clear, beautiful photos and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Notice that each recipe is individually tested by culinary experts in special Test Kitchen, it's a place where the tea, of Taste of home prepare check and make sure the ingredient amounts, yields, equipment, temperature and method are correct. If something doesn't work or could work better, they make adjustments so you can re-create the recipes at home.

Browse the means of search and select your recipe. Find inspiring menu ideas for desserts, festive meals and treat for kids and visitors.

Don't miss another must-see! It's the item Cooking Schools which can very useful for everyone. If you have some questions, or just you are not sure about cooking some dish, this blog can help you in improving your skills.

Looking to make dinner or dessert in a flash? Try the ideas found in these Recipe Collections for quick and easy meal ideas. 

Find ideas for cooking creative dishes from Tasteofhome.com! All the recipes are checked and real!

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