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Duolingo.com is a FREE language-learning service for people who keen to learn, master new languages, and succeed. The service affords you to change the language for explications. When you select the language, next step is to choose a daily goal which can be: casual 5 minutes, regular 10 minutes, serious 15 minutes, insistent 20 minutes per day.

  • No viruses/no need registration 

  • The content is diversified

  • People interested in learning or practicing a language are presented with various types of educational tasks. You can follow audio, translate, repeat the unknown speech and then explore mistakes and result 

  • Before the process of learning you have to take a test to jump ahead. In general it takes about 5 minutes and it’s necessary because it adapts to your level by getting harder (or easier) based on your answers

  • The language-learning website and application suggest 59 diverse educational language courses across 23 languages

  • The website is user-friendly with quick access for all topical opportunities. 

Make your learning fun and productive for FREE at Duolingo.com!

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